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Standards subcommittee meeting
Academic subcommittee meeting
TESC meeting

Prof Adam Waldman and Dr Derek Smith
Session 1Neurooncology and Neurodegeneration
Chairs: Dr Harpreet Hyare, Dr Gerry Thompson
9:05Virtual biopsy of glioma in the context of WHO2021
Prof Marion Smits, Rotterdam
9:40Baseline total brain volume predicts for poorer quality of life and reduced overall survival after cranial radiotherapy in older patients with glioblastoma (GBM):results from the prospective BRITER study.
Dr Samantha Mills
9:50Developing a Modular and Extensible Online Tool for Centralised Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology (RANO)
Dr Robert Cronshaw
10.:00Tessa Jowell Academy network
Camille Goetz, Tessa Jowell Academy
10:05Imaging pathology in MS
Prof Adam Waldman, Edinburgh
10:40CJD in the UK – an update from the National Surveillance Unit
Dr David Summers, Edinburgh and Hatice Kurudzhu, Edinburgh
11:00Neurodegeneration may occur without evidence of clinical or neuroinflammatory relapse in recently-diagnosed relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Dr Rozanna Meijboom

Coffee break – exhibitors and poster viewing

Session 2Advances in vascular imaging
Chairs: Dr David Summers, Dr Tomasz Matys
11:40Neuroradiology Ghana MDM : Cases for the Floor
Session with Dr Kwasi Twum, collaboration with Worldwide Radiology and supported by Collective Minds platform

Dr Kwasi Twum, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana
Dr Reena Dwivedi NHS Lothian, Edinburgh. Trustee & Educational lead for Worldwide Radiology
12:15Intracranial vessel wall MRI
Prof Jeroen Hendrikse, Utrecht
12:50Early next day repeat imaging – a novel imaging pathway to improve access to mechanical thrombectomy for patients with stroke
Dr Joshua Richardson-Thibodeau
13:00A comparison of the lvis evo and accero braided intracranial stents in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms
Dr Rohan Banerjee

Lunch – exhibitors and poster presentations
BSNR Executive meeting

13:40 –
Guerbet sponsored lunchtime symposium – Innovation for MRI
Krupa Mehta, Guerbet Laboratories Limited.
14:10Annual business meeting of the BSNR
Session 3High field and experimental imaging
Chairs: Dr Samantha Mills, Dr Shawna Farquharson
14:55Neuroimaging at 7T: Trials and Tribulations
Dr Natasha Fullerton, Glasgow
15:15The role of neuroimaging in translational neuroscience
Dr Gerry Thompson, Edinburgh
15:40Feasibility of [18F]fluoropivalate hybrid PET/MRI for imaging lower and higher grade glioma: a prospective first‐in‐patient pilot study
Dr Shah Islam
15:50Measuring neurodegeneration in preclinical models of multiple sclerosis using microstructural MRI and SV2A PET
Ms Kelly Panichnantakul

Tea break – exhibitors and poster presentations

Session 4Evaluating evidence
Chairs: Dr Dip Mitra, Prof Adam Waldman
16:30If most published research is false, what can we do about it
Prof Malcom Macleod, Edinburgh
17:05James Bull lecture
Imaging the brain to heal the mind

Prof David Nutt, Imperial College London and CRO of Awakn Life Sciences

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Drinks reception followed by Black Tie Dinner for 19:45 followed by ceilidh at the Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh, The Caledonian hotel. Ticket holders only.



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Session 5Neuroimaging across the lifespan
Chairs: Dr Ian Craven, Dr Reena Dwivedi
08:00Imaging premature infants: who, when and why?”
Prof James Boardman, Edinburgh
08:35Updating the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth: Neuroradiological Evidence and Debunking Perceived Controversies in Inflicted Trauma in Children
Prof Stavros Stivaros, Manchester

Short break

9:20Cerebral small vessel disease: advances in mechanisms and treatment from neuroimaging
Prof Joanna Wardlaw
9:55Identification of pre-operative imaging features associated with cognitive impairment in children with brain tumours using a language modelling system combined with machine learning analysis.
Mr Simon Dockrell
10:05Microstructural MRI shows normal-appearing white matter and lesion changes contribute to clinical worsening in recently diagnosed relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
Dr Elizabeth York
10:15Peri-haematomal oedema after cerebral small vessel disease, tumour and aneurysm-associated intracerebral haemorrhage: a community-based inception cohort study
Dr Shivank Keni

Coffee break – exhibitors and poster presentations

Session 6AI and computational
Chairs: Dr Tilak Das, Prof Joanna Wardlaw
10.55AI and the future of radiology
Prof Daniel Rueckert, Munich and Imperial College London
11:30 AI and 7T in Head and Neck Imaging
Prof Claudia Kirsch, Yale
11:50Tumour size and overall survival in glioblastoma: a prognostic modelling and simulation study
Dr Kavi Fatania
12:00Isherwood feedback
12:10Brian Kendall lecture
Synchron: a 10-year journey towards clinical translation of an endovascular brain-computer interface

Prof Tom Oxley, Mount Sinai, NY and CEO of Synchron
Chairs: Dr Dip Mitra, Dr Derek Smith

Lunch – exhibitors and poster presentations

13:40 –
Brainomix sponsored lunchtime symposium – Optimising Artificial Intelligence (Brainomix e-Stroke) In The Stroke Clinical Pathway
Dr. Paul Bhogal, Royal London Hospital
Session 7DNR/INR workshop/symposium; management of acute stroke
Chairs: Dr Jonny Downer, Prof Andrew Farrall
14:10What do stroke teams want/need from radiology departments
Dr Fergus Doubal, Edinburgh
14:30Acute stroke management models – London
Dr Neil Rane, Imperial College, London
14:50What different acute stroke management models are being implemented in the UK – Belfast
Dr Peter Flynn, Belfast
15:10Shaping thrombectomy services in Scotland
Prof Martin Dennis, Edinburgh
15:30Announcement of prizewinners

Tea break – exhibitors and poster viewing

DNR/INR workshop/symposium; management of acute stroke (continued)
16:00What relevance AI – scope & limitation
Dr Grant Mair, Edinburgh
16:20DNR/INR workshop/symposium:
Panel Q&A
17:10Concluding comments